Noel Sandino

A California native, Nol Sandino has had a life long love of art and music. Drawing and playing music were encouraged when she was young. Early recognition by her teachers and peers encouraged her to pursue these passions and her first art grant was awarded in High School. Musical ideas often show up in her work. Noel divides her studio time between painting and printmaking. She has a degree in painting and drawing and studied printmaking with the late William Harsh and with Livia Stein at Kala Arts.

Nols previous career was running a very successful decorative painting business creating murals and faux finishes in residences and businesses around the Sacramento and Placer county region. She did this for twelve years before retiring to the studio to paint on canvases instead of walls and cabinetry. She now paints in acrylic and oils, mixing mediums and also is a printmaker whos passion is monotypes and collagraphs. She also teaches small group workshops.

Nol has been exhibiting for 25 years in solo and group shows in local, national and international competitions. She has been recognized with numerous awards with First Place and Best of Show. Currently she is affiliated with Sacramento Fine Arts Center and Placer Arts. Noel has also painted live on stage at various churches locally and also does volunteer work. She had been included in the KVIE arts auction, Big Names Small Art at the Crocker and was also selected for the 2013 Crocker Art Auction. Most recently she was included in the bi-annual 2016 Beverly Hills Art show.

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