Heather Murdock

Heather Murdock is a Sacramento based artist who has been spreading glitter, attempting to hide paint spots on carpet, and leaving yarn scraps in her wake since she was old enough to say “crayon.” She has a passion to create, and to keep busy making pretty things. It wasn’t until she got her hands on a hammer and some wire that she really found her artistic voice. Jewelry making suits her need for variety, in that there is always more to learn and the design possibilities are limitless. She loves color and is influenced by nature, by God’s artwork. The color combination where the landscape meets the sky, a flower peeking out from beneath the moss on a hike, or the rainbow of river rocks, sparkling as the water trickles over them. Her jewelry is described as having a unique, bohemian flair and is suitable for all occasions, dressy or casual. Heather believes that we are all Made to Love, and her jewelry is made just for that purpose.

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